We Are Here To Help You With Your Disability Claims and Appeals

Whether that is through the Social Security Administration or Supplemental Security Income

“We are nurse owned and operated, which means that we understand your medical problems, know how to interpret them and convey that to Social Security for you.”

-Teri J. Meinzer, RN

We Will Do All The Work For You!


We give you a free consultation to determine if you qualify for disability through Social Security and/or Supplemental Security Income (which includes receiving Medicaid).


We can help you apply for the first time, and appeal your claim even if you have been denied.


A nurse advocate will attend a hearing before a judge with you, if your claim has to go that far.

Nurses Who Want To Give You A Hand…it’s our commitment and goal to every client.

Meet Deadlines

Fill out All Forms

Get Your Medical Records

Correspond With Your Doctors

Communicate With Your Disability Examiner(s)

No Out Of Pocket Cost To You

You pay nothing unless your disability claim is approved AND you receive back pay.

The amount your representative is paid is established by the Social Security Administration, and is ONLY paid if you are approved and will receive back pay.

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